September 09, 2015

Singapore Trip: Day 3

Day “3” of my trip was Day 1 of the Symposium (but day 4 in my notes in my sketchbook). Workshops and Activities started that morning, and I went to a workshop with my fellow Symposium team members, Jason and Orling, and a couple of local folks, Ben and Favian.

Sanjeev Joshi taught a great workshop about starting with swaths of colored ink before you go out sketching, and finding the right way to use the color as you sketch. I watched him create a sketch using paper he had painted big, bright pink stripes on, and he used the stripes to emphasize the horizontal composition, rather than using them in a literal way.

I was being quite literal, but by the time I did this sketch, I was breaking away from my literalness a bit.

Ben and Favian took us to an art supply store, then everyone but Orling and I tried durian fruit.

Favian's sketch of me :)

Favian, Ben, Jason, me, Orling - I wish Sanjeev was in this picture, but he was taking it.

The rest of this day was spent taking care of business - USk executive board lunch, helping Toby get some cold medicine, executive board panel discussion. After that had a great dinner with some more of my favorite people, Jim and Patti, Richard, and new friends Danny and Danielle. (picture by Danny)

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