October 23, 2013

Studio Night Last Night: During, Before, Finished and In-Progress

I sketched this DURING last Thursday's epic Studio Night. Ep. Ic. I nearly finished the one on the left that night.

I sketched this before last night's Studio Night, after moving some things around. Then I finished the painting on the left and worked on the one in the center.

Here's me with some finished paintings from the series about my first trip to Spain. I'm calling these: Learning to Say I Love You in Spanish.

And here I am again, sans glasses (so I could see the picture I was taking) with an in-progress painting. Lately I've been sitting on the floor while painting. I had this one in my lap while I was working on it last night. The camera setting is weird so none of the painting's colors showed up. Oh well. Another good Studio Night.

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