October 24, 2013

Self Comics

Over the past few weeks I've occasionally stopped to grab a 3x5 notecard and sketch how I feel. This action was totally inspired by Kristin Curtis (who is on Tumblr!), who lately has been making one-page comics about her day and posting them on Facebook. I study them, they are so good.

Also inspired by Inma Serrano, who on the blog Portraits without Mercy mentioned that she keeps a sketchbook of self-portraits; these are more comic-like.

This first one is "How I felt when I took a quick walk outside this afternoon." The rest are titled.

Did this one quickly on the 3x5 notecard I was using as a bookmark.

This one is an exaggeration, as standing in line for new tags really wasn't that bad (though I'm sure I'll make another one when standing in line at traffic court for the ticket I got for expired tags.)

The rest are 100% true.

(click images for more detail)


Beliza Mendes said...

It's great to see all your selfies together. I had missed a few on Facebook.
I have also been following Inma's example lately and makinig a self-portrait almost every day.
You got me inspired to try some of these mood drawings as well sometime. Keep up the good work! :)

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! Good for you for doing self-portraits. I mean to do them, but I just end up doing these silly comics :)

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