October 04, 2013

Follow Friday: Portraits without Mercy

This new blog is so fun! It's called Portraits without Mercy, and that is exactly what it is. It is described as "a collection of portrait drawings or sketches that voluntarily or not show a complete lack of kindness or affection towards the portrayed subject." And while that is true, and funny, it also takes the pressure off of aiming for flattery. My main complaint about my own sketches of others is that I don't capture how cute people really are. Maybe that doesn't matter?

Portrait without Mercy of Lapin and Swasky by Miguel Herranz.

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EclecticBox said...

Thanks for the heads-up Elizabeth!
You're right, I also find difficult to draw people I'm very attached to, it's hard to do them justice when you take into account the inner beauty, thing is that when you are able to get rid of that and simply draw them the result doesn't quite satisfies either! Solution: ¨Draw them without Mercy¨ and at least you'll have a good time! XD