November 30, 2012


We went to Thanksgiving at my grandmother's in Georgia (east of Atlanta). We usually drive there on Wednesday, but this time we decided at the last minute to leave Tuesday afternoon! Which turned into Tuesday night, but whatev.

My mother-in-law hitched a ride to her sister's house (southwest of Atlanta), but since we left Tuesday night we stopped outside of Birmingham for the night. Here is my fabulous Hampton Inn breakfast.

Wednesday we dropped Sharon off in Senoia, and after a short visited headed to my Mimi's.

This napkin holder (top) and these salt shakers are ever-present on her table.

After a full day of cooking and cooking, and making place cards, playing outside, watching the parade, and napping, we had a table full of food to enjoy together. Those are the ravioli on the bottom of the picture.

As we finished our wonderful meal of ravioli, turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and spinach & artichoke casserole, we went around the table to tell what we are all thankful for. It was a tough year to do this, as we lost my dad this year and my grandfather, my Pop, passed away just a month before. His absence was palpable, but we were comforted by being together, almost just like every year.

Then we were comforted by pie.


Linda Brown Gambrell said...

Loved this, story and sketches. Sometimes the hard times turn into the best times. I know your grandmother was glad to have you there!

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! It is true that the hard times are less hard when you are with people you love :)

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