November 19, 2012

Aquash Brush

If I have talked to you about sketching in the last few months, I've probably mentioned my new favorite tool, the Pentel Aquash Brush. I love it. LOVE IT.

It creates a lovely, even shade of grey and makes it so easy to create shadows. I keep telling people I feel like I'm cheating when I use it!

The only drawback is that it leaks. This is basically one of those brush pens that holds water, but it comes with ink in it, and is apparently formulated not to dry up or clog or break up. Which is great! But it means I'm carrying a brush loaded with ink in my purse at all times, so when I discovered it leaked I was pretty disappointed.

 But I took precautions and continued to use it.

Friday I bought another Pentel product, a Pentel Color Brush, which is similar to the Aquash Brush, but not as good. The ink in it doesn't go on as smoothly or dry as quickly, at least not with the paper I'm using.

But I noticed these instructions on the pen itself. Right on the pen! They say to remove a red ring that sits right under the instructions. AHA! Did I not see those instructions on the other pen? They are right on the pen how did I miss that?!
I went out and bought a new one, because I had already ruined the first one I bought by removing something from INSIDE the pen to make it work, which actually (together with the un-removed red ring) caused it to leak.

I probably did see the instructions when I first bought the Aquash Brush, but I don't read Japanese :)

Oh well, now I'm reunited with the brush/pen of my dreams!

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