November 21, 2012

Alone-Time Sketching

My week was SO BUSY last week that I didn't get to have my normal lunch-hour veg-out at all, so by Saturday I needed to recharge with some alone time. After getting a haircut, I hung out with myself at Starbucks and did some sketching.

In the top sketch I used two new pens that I was not thrilled with: a Pentel Hybrid Technica, which smudges a lot; and the Pentel Color Brush, which does not go on evenly and does not dry quickly. CAVEAT: could just be the paper in the sketchbook I'm currently using! Normally I LOVE Pentel products, so I do think the problem is the combination of paper with these pens.

It was too cold to sketch outside any longer than it took to make that first sketch, so I moved inside and back to my standard Zig Memory System Writer pen/marker. I adore this weird little pen. And my crazy Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Magic pencil with all the crazy colors in it. And a Tombow ABT marker I carry around just for making light blue skies. Seriously. That is its purpose.

Anyway, much happier with the second sketch.

(click image for more detail)

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