September 07, 2017

Symposium Day 5 - Business and Perspective and Demonstrations and Thai Food and Pens

Friday morning a few of us took a Lyft to the bank to take care of some Urban Sketchers business. It was my final official business as a board officer! It was also really fun for a trip to the bank, because of the lovely people I was with.

Then we had a delicious lunch at the Revival Food Hall.

My afternoon workshop was An Urban Sketcher's Guide to Figuring Out Perspective with Simone Ridyard.

I have been using the concepts of perspective for so long without really thinking about it anymore that it was nice to get to know it again, and to work with pencil, which I tend to eschew.

I wish I'd had more time for my final sketch - I took too long to start! Or maybe I could have used less paper? Nah. It was fun anyway.

Rita Sabler gave a great talk about sketching demonstrations. She has really put herself out there to document rallies and protests, and has amazing sketches to show for it.

After Rita impressed us, Hugo Costa charmed us with his talk about making a sketch a day.

Then a big dinner at Thai Spoon while passing around sketchbooks and testing out pens. This might be the best part of the Symposium.

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