September 06, 2017

Symposium Day 4 - Workshops!

I started the day taking Trees and the City with Shari Blaukopf. I was excited about it because Shari is a master at watercolors.

But we started with some ink sketches. At the first workshop of the first day of the Symposium, I always feel like I've forgotten how to sketch, so these trees are a bit more tentative than my usual sketches.

Winsor and Newton donated watercolors for the workshop, so we each got a palette and tubes of a couple of blues, yellow, red, and burnt sienna. Notice I didn't say green! We worked on mixing greens, and mixing colors on the paper.

I've been sketching with watercolor kits for so long that I can't remember when I last painted with watercolors straight from the tube. It was fun! Such a different experience moving that juicy paint around.

Which is also why my final sketch ended up looking a bit like an acrylic painting. But I like it! It was fun.

Here are our final sketches. I'm surprised we got that much done with all of the chatting we were doing.

After lunch and a long walk I took a demo with Peggy Wong who taught us all about making our own sketchbooks!

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