February 08, 2015

Supply Sunday: Not That Kind of Supply

These are two of my favorite kitchen supplies. First, the Rotato, which I inherited from my grandfather. Pop was an engineer. He liked gadgets, and he especially liked to fix them - to make them better. You will notice the Rotato bears none of Pop's duct tape, therefore it is the perfect kitchen tool. I sketched it after using it to peel a couple dozen apples.

My Mom gave me the Griddler Gourmet for Christmas one year after I asked for it specifically. It is AWESOME. I use it pretty regularly to make hot sandwiches, quesadillas, and whatever else I can think of.


Sue Pownall said...

What fascinating gadgets and great drawings of them. Do you have a link to any others (with or without duct tape?)

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! I don't have sketches of any of Pop's other gadgets, but now I wish I did!

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