February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day: I Forgot to Tell You About Christmas!

Toby and I like to do just whatever we please, so we drove to New Orleans for Christmas. It's such an easy drive from here, we should really go there more often.

The first thing we did was make sure we knew where all the food would be.

On Christmas night we wandered around until we came to one of my favorite spots, Maspero's, and discovered it was open! We sat at the bar and feasted on po boys.

We found a little treasure right across the street from our hotel, Cajun Mike's, a friendly little dive bar where Toby could smoke his cigars inside, and a nice man bought us a round of drinks .

We also visited Tiki Tolteca - a great tiki bar with GREAT Mexican food downstairs at Felipe's. We were enjoying the cool, laid-back vibe of the place until about 20 members of a co-ed bachelorette/bachelor party showed up, all in grass skirts, all woooo-ing. Woooo!

Oh look it's time to eat again! This was at Jäger Haus for a very late breakfast/on-time lunch. It was quite good. After that we wandered around the Quarter and bought hats.

We also ate at Lüke. Yes, we ate at two places with umlauts in the name. And we ate at Lüke twice, so that's three times the umlauts.

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