October 01, 2014

Newfoundland - Day 10, Twillingate

We started the day in Deer Lake. It was a Monday, and everyone else in our hotel appeared to be ending their vacation, which made me a little panicky - oh no! our trip is over! But we were still totally on vacation!

We stopped in Grand Falls-Windsor for more donair pizza.

Had to stop at a Tim Hortons to fuel up for construction stops along the way. There was a lot of road construction everywhere, because there is such a limited amount of time that they can work on the roads there. Luckily there are plenty of Tim Hortons for your Timbits fix.

We arrived in Twillingate in the afternoon - it's so adorable! I sketched this from the deck of our hotel - I included it above, too, just to show what a sketchbook page layout sometimes looks like.

This I sketched from the restaurant where we ate dinner. We noticed a family there that we had seen in Rocky Harbour and in St. Anthony - we were all on the same self-guided tour.

It was chilly here, finally. I was so excited to need layers.

Deck of our hotel.

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