June 13, 2013

Las Maletas

Dibujé unas maletas a Cleveland Street Flea Market con Urban Sketchers Memphis.

(I drew some suitcases at Cleveland Street Flea Market with Urban Sketchers Memphis.
I don't know past tense yet, so while I know "dibujo" for "I draw" and "dibujando" for "drawing," I had to look up the past tense.
I'm working on it.)


Mojo said...

Mi gusta mucho. Didn't look that so it may not be quite right. Have I recommended the on-line language program Mango? I super love it. Free with my Germantown Library membership. Don't know if other libraries have it. Improved my pronunciation tremendously.

Elizabeth Alley said...

I've heard of that before - it sounds good. I'm using a program called Fluenz, and listening to their podcasts. And watching Sabado Gigante!

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