June 14, 2013

Follow Friday: Mary Jo Karimnia

Artist and fellow sketcher Mary Jo Karimnia put together a show that opens tonight at the Rozelle Warehouse (822 Rozelle, Memphis) at 6:00 PM. It's called Unchained and the description for it is below this image of Mary Jo's work from a recent exhibit, Overwhelming Captivations. 

Check out Mary Jo's work!

Unchained: a Memphis Art Chain Letter Exhibition
There is so much great Art Energy in Memphis lately with giant shows like Present Tense and Memphis Social, burgeoning arts districts like Broad Ave and the up and coming Crosstown and new galleries popping up everywhere – from commercial spaces to living rooms. There is also some great grassroots inclusiveness with shows like The Epic Unicorn Show and Hanging Participles. 

In an effort to keep this great Art Energy flowing we are hosting Unchained: a Memphis Art Chain Letter Exhibition.

In an attempt at random curation Mary Jo Karimnia sent out an Art Chain Letter asking one artist to participate in a show, an artist whose work she was interested in but someone with whom she had never had coffee. This artist sent the Chain Letter on, inviting the next artist, and so on for a total of 12 artists in the chain. The result is this one night show at Rozelle Warehouse. Come and see who was willing to appease the Art Muses by not breaking the chain.

Artists include:
Mary Jo Karimnia
Cedar Lorca Nordbye
Michael Joseph Flanagan
Jamie Harmon
C Michael Andrews
Friedrich Kerksieck

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