June 18, 2012

Shelter from the Rain, Perspective and a Museum Visit

We went to this building in Central Park called The Dairy because it's really cute and has a wide porch that covers the walkway, and it looked like it was about to rain. I've never seen it before, because there is really too much Central Park to see in just 11 visits.
We were soon joined by a lot of other people when it did start raining. So we just sat there and talked, and listened to other people talking, and gave people directions (apparently we looked like New Yorkers!), and Katherine and I both sketched - that's one of the doors at The Dairy on the left.
I showed her how our dad taught me to do perspective - it's the drawing on the lower right, but it's sideways here.
After that we walked to Madison Ave and caught a bus up to the Jewish Museum, which is open until 8 on Thursdays. We got there late, right around 7, and the nice people there let us in for free! Though the museum guard did yell out how much time we had left every five minutes ("TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES! THIS EXHIBIT CLOSES IN 25 MINUTES!"), we had plenty of time to see the Vuillard exhibit, which was just lovely.
When we left the museum it was so nice out that we decided to walk a few block before catching the bus. Well, a few blocks turned into 30 blocks! It was so fun, though, just walking and talking and looking at Central Park and the buildings on 5th Avenue!

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