December 30, 2011

Christmas in Arkansas

We spent Christmas in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Arkansas (really at the Longbow Cabins, outside of Prim, AR). The drive there was nice, and we must have seen thousands of birds flying and hanging out in in fields and water.

We made it to the cabin just before dark and were actually able to see it. It was precious; tiny but just enough space for us. We could hear the constant rush of water from the little waterfall and creek outside. Later we went out on the upstairs deck and looked at the stars - we forget how many there are!

On Christmas Eve I hiked up the creek a little and sat on a giant rock in the middle of it to make this sketch.

(click on sketch to enlarge)


dailydoily said...

Beautiful sketch :) That place looks awesome. You're making wanna grab Zac + go for a weekend. Happy New Year!

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! It was really awesome. There are more sketches to come! Happy New Year to y'all!

Sandra's Art Works said...

I enjoyed looking at your sketches. Wonderful work and cant wait to see what you're doing in 2012~

Elizabeth Alley said...

Thanks! Hopefully I'll have a lot more to share throughout the year.

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