March 27, 2011

Spain Trip 2010: 1

A year ago yesterday Toby and I flew to Atlanta, met up with family members Aldo, Patricia, Amy and little Aldo and flew to Madrid. For the next week or more I will be posting my sketches from that trip.

This is the first sketch I did on March 27, 2010, in Robledillo de la Jara where Patricia's mother, Angeles, lives. It is a light and timid sketch; I think the jetlag made me feel like I'd never drawn before. At the bottom and on the 2nd sketch you can see very faint sketches of people. They were in a band having practice in the community center across the street from our rental house. We wandered in and watched them a bit.

I'm not sure where this gate was. I thought it was one we passed on our way back to Angeles' house. That gate, in the picture below, was made out of rebar, but was really beautiful.

Rebar gate

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