August 25, 2017

Symposium Day 2 - Sketching the Robie House

Here are about 30 sketchers on our way to Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House!

Not working on the Symposium meant I could do whatever! Luckily I was invited to sketch at the Robie house with a group of instructors and symposium staff, because I might not have known what I wanted to do otherwise.

All of those instructors were there - talk about intimidating! So I found a far spot and used the "painterly sketching" idea I taught at a Flicker Street Studio workshop in June - I put down a light wash of color first to establish the shapes, then I put ink and more color on top.

We went inside to sketch with pencil only - I used my red and blue Mitsubishi pencil. Those bricks were mesmerizing.

The sideways thing is a crazy shower.

These windows!

After all of that sketching a few of us went on the river walk and saw more of the city. Back at the hotel I ran into a group going to get a drink so I went along and ended up at a rooftop bar.

Had to sketch a bit of that view!

Bonus: cool floor.

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