January 05, 2016

A New Year of Sketching

I was going to start this recap of last year with “2015 was a big year for sketching,” but then I looked back at this blog and saw that I posted the least number of posts in 2015 that I have since 2006, the year I started this blog, which was only four months of posting. But it’s fine. I did a lot! I didn’t even start posting in 2015 until February, so at least I’m a month ahead of 2015 Elizabeth. Also, last year's first post started with me complaining about how I had not updated my blog in forever, so this is an annual event!

So here’s my story. 2015 was brutal! With travel problems, a new roof, the unexpected deaths of loved ones, my several jobs, travel, travel, travel, and a painting slump, I was wiped out by the beginning of September. And then we bought a house! So even though at the beginning of the year I had no inclination of moving, I spent a third of the year doing nothing but looking, buying, selling, cleaning, organizing, fixing, packing, moving, and settling. Also, my normally controllable obsessiveness got the better of me with this huge project, so for most of the last four months and all of the last two months, I have paid very little attention to very little else, because I was incapable of doing so.

And now it’s January! And we’re getting settled, and I’m happy for a new year. Here are a few sketches I’ve made in the new house.

Then den. Aaaahhh.

Crepe myrtles in the backyard.

Doodle, drinks and books. Doodled while watching a great movie: People Places Things.

(click images for more detail)

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