June 13, 2015


In May we had a quick little trip to Montreal. We spent our time wandering around, reading, napping, and eating. And I did a little sketching.

This was at an excellent place called Dolcetto. Small plates of Italian food, excellent atmosphere, and friendly service. We went there twice.

That's the moon down there. It was actually orange, but if I'd painted it orange it would've looked ridiculous!

We found the bus route to the movies and found the bus and found the movies, but they were all in French, so we got drinks instead.

Then we got more drinks at a different, better place, where we had delicious fries. We also figured out how to get to a movie in English.

Visited the botanic gardens.

See, there's Dolcetto again.

We stayed just blocks from the Cathedral.

Then just like that it was over!

(click on images for more detail)

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