May 02, 2015

Urban Sketchers Symposium Participant – Introducing Myself! #USkSingapore2015

I am on the International Symposium Team, helping to organize this year’s Urban Sketchers Symposium in Singapore in July. Earlier I posted on asking Symposium participants to introduce themselves using their favorite platform, and sharing on social media with the hashtag #USkSingapore2015. I figured I should go ahead and introduce myself!

Hi it's me.

My name is Elizabeth Alley and I am the president of the Urban Sketchers Executive Board, and I am one of the people organizing the Symposium in Singapore. It’s a great team and I’m proud to be working with this group! This is the fourth Symposium that I’ve helped organize (Santo Domingo, Barcelona, Paraty, Singapore), and the fourth that I’ve attended (Portland, Santo Domingo, Barcelona, Singapore).
After returning home from the first Symposium in Portland, OR (USA), I started Urban Sketchers Memphis.

Same sketch subject by fellow Memphis Urban Sketcher Martha Kelly (top) and by me (bottom).

Since being involved with Urban Sketchers, and particularly attending the Symposiums, my sketching has greatly improved AND I have gotten to know so many wonderful people from around the world. I am an artist – I make oil paintings – and my improved sketching habits have improved my work in the studio. I have also started teaching sketching at a local studio (Flicker Street Studio, where I also teach oil painting) since being involved with Urban Sketchers. The sketches that are shared by correspondents on, and by Regional Chapters on their blogs, and by everyone on Flickr, and everyone on the Urban Sketchers Group on Facebook inspire me daily and challenge me to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

Airport sketch after the first Symposium in Portland.

Airport sketch after an Urban Sketchers Workshop with Jim Richards at the Telfair Museum in Savannah, GA.

Recent vacation sketch - The Tablelands in Newfoundland.

Recent sketch in Memphis, TN.

The Symposium is the ultimate push outside of one’s comfort zone. You’re out in the street in another country sketching and learning with a group of like-minded people, and there’s really nothing better than that! 
From Paraty, one of the best Symposium photos ever!

I can’t wait to see you all there!


Miguel Franco said...

Beautiful and inspiring presentation. Congratulations!!!

sanjeev joshi said...

good to see the before and after sketches.!..i will be using hashtag in my post of singapore where ever i post something..i am one of the instructors at singapore.My first one !

Helen Gunnersen said...

I would love to be going, especially as Singapore is so accessible but unfortunately it clashes with a previous arrangement. Can I reserve the time for next year? Will it be at the same time?

Elizabeth Alley said...

Miguel, Sanjeev - looking forward to seeing you both there!
Helen - the dates vary every year, but it is usually in July.


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