July 08, 2014

Fourth of July Fun

Several members of my huge family got together for the Fourth at my uncle's in Murfreesboro. No, my uncle's name isn't Jessie, that is the name of my husband's truck.

Beyla here is one of the dozen or so dogs belonging to my uncle and cousins (okay, not a dozen - just four).

General togetherness at Johnny's.

Johnny's backyard. It was amazingly beautiful weather on the Fourth of July!

The backyard of my cousin Christina's new house. Gorgeous tree right in the middle of the yard!

Fireworks! Block party in front of the home of the parents of my other cousin's boyfriend.

Sketching fireworks is hard! But fun, of course.

Chickens! Belonging to my cousin Angela. She calls them "The Girls."

Chicken house.

Nephew Joshua sitting on a tractor.

I also made this sketch of Christina's backyard, but I left it with her so I didn't get a scan of it.

1 comment:

Sue Pownall said...

Lovely sketches of your day.

4 dogs semm like a dozen, you've captured this one very well.

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