March 01, 2014

Trip to Savannah

Here's my trip to Savannah that I mentioned before. Six of us from the Urban Sketchers board met there, one from Portugal! The rest were from the US and Canada, and we were able to skype with our seventh board member in Germany.

Here's my obligatory airplane sketch, above.

I ate lunch by myself at The Distillery - it was good! It was also nearly the last time I would be alone all weekend.

I can't resist these trees. Live oaks, I think? The place is lousy with them, and with squares as well. Memphis could use a few more squares. I keep saying we need one in East Memphis, preferably within walking distance of my office.

Below is a sketch from the dinner that our lovely hosts provided. What a meal! It was a low-country boil followed by chocolate covered strawberries and bananas. Also followed by lots of talking and sketching. Plus, our hostess Lisa made that cake plate!

After working and working and working and working on Saturday, we took a break and had a sketchcrawl with locals from Savannah and the surrounding area, and even as far away as Atlanta!

We had all ages and skill levels, just like I always tell people in Memphis to get them to come out. Although this young man's skill level was pretty high! He's good.

We even had someone using an Etch-A-Sketch! I think that was a first for Urban Sketchers. She was good, too!

Again: trees.

So. Much. Deciding. It was fun to just be able to pull out my sketchbook during a meeting and start sketching without anybody thinking that was weird.

And here we are! Six-sevenths of the Urban Sketchers executive board! I feel very fortunate to be a part of this group - such smart people all dedicated to the same cause of promoting the educational value of on-location drawing. Yay us!

(You can click on the images for more detail.)

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