November 12, 2013

Studio Night in my Head

I've come to the point at which I am too busy preparing for a show to stop and tell you that I'm preparing for a show. Tonight is Studio Night so I should be painting, but first I wanted to share with you a sketch of the salad I ate for dinner. I was going to sketch the studio, but it's kind of a wreck.

The show info is as follows:
Martha Kelly & Elizabeth Alley
Memphis Botanic Gardens
Dec 2 - Dec 31
Opening Reception Dec 3
5:30 - 7:30 PM

It is weird how prepping for a show - all the painting and thinking about painting - takes away from my sketching. It just fills my brain up so much that there isn't room for much else. So when I finally do get the past couple of weeks' sketches scanned, they will mostly be of meals, whatever is on my desk, and the studio.

Here is a painting that will be in the show! It's called UK Border - a 12" x 12" oil on canvas painting that is part of a little series called Small London (little, get it!). It is a companion series to Tiny London. I know, these titles are genius!

Martha Kelly will be showing watercolors from Paris and prints she's done since she returned. The whole thing is travel themed! So to help prepare I also have been/will be traveling almost every weekend this month. I think of everything!

I hope you'll come to the show and see Martha's Paris and my London, as well as my Spain. The other series I'm showing is called "Learning to say I love you in Spanish," and it is a fun group of paintings that I'm excited to show you.

Here is another preview of what I will be showing. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sue Pownall said...

Sounds and looks (from your sneak peaks) an interesting show. Good luck with all the prep.

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