May 22, 2012

Chicagoland Art

I've been in the Chicago area at a conference for a few days (you may have seen my snarky sketch earlier),and was able to get to the Museum of Contemporary Art today, just to get some museum time in.

There are a few good shows up right now, but the one I enjoyed the most, and was most surprised by, was Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s. It was such a fun show, and really took me back in time. It reminded me of looking at art magazines when I was in high school!

I can't resist museums, so I also could not pass up the opportunity to visit the Museum of Hummels, which is actually within walking distance of my hotel in Rosemont, during lunch yesterday. I learned a lot! For instance, did you know Hummel was a woman? Also a nun? And the sale of the figurines goes towards charities supported by her order? And that Rosemont had the same mayor for about 50 years? And has more hotel rooms than residents? Now you do.

Yay, museums!

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