January 05, 2011

Visit to the Dixon Gallery & Gardens

On December 30th I got off work at 1pm, so I headed to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens with my brand new membership. I'd been reading Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty for bookclub and it gave me a serious hankering for looking at art.

This was from a still life exhibit. It is a fish skeleton carved out of linden wood. For a wood carving it's very expressive. As it says on the sketch, I've never seen anything like it.

I had to do a quick sketch of this because I had just read a part in the book that mentions this artwork. It even has a picture of it! The next work of art I looked at was a Milton Avery, an artist who played a big part in the book.

This was my favorite piece from the exhibit of Barthe (sorry, don't know how to make the accent over the 'e') bronze sculptures. It was just a little thing. From the front he doesn't have much of an expression, but his profile looks so serious and determined. It was pretty spectacular, but made me less interested in all of the other sculptures (and there were a lot of them).

It was a lovely visit! I do wish they had a cafe, though. What would have made it lovelier would have been enjoying a cup of coffee while looking out over the gardens and thinking about all of the art I had just looked at.

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