September 22, 2010

International Goat Days Family Festival

I love this event that takes place in Millington, TN every year. It's just all about goats.

They had goat chariot races, which were HI-larious

Very impressive barrel racing by teenage girls on horses

Goats, goats, goats! It smelled very goaty.

Turtle Island Native American Association Tribal Drums and Dancers


Liz said...

I love your goaty goats--I can almost smell them myself, though you've rendered them with a certain delicacy. This looks like a swell event, one I should try to catch and write about next year. If I do, maybe I can persuade you to guest blog some of your sketches.

Elizabeth Alley said...

Any time you need a sketch just let me know!

dwayne said...

i dont know why i deprive myself of the goats

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