October 18, 2012

Cooper Young Festival (So Far Behind)

I am so far behind on posting that I'm just now getting to Cooper Young Fest, which was over a month ago.

It was super fun! This little girl, Amie, was watching me sketch the Pronto Pup stand (below), with that very unimpressed look on her face, and I asked if I could sketch her. She didn't respond, but she did continue to stand there with that look on her face.

Most of the day was actually spent like this, hanging out on Shannon and Brian's porch.

Clara let me draw her, and I let her write her name on the sketch. Then she suggested that I color it in, because it would look better in color, but I declined.

Max and his friend sold lemonade.

 Pronto Pups!

Cooper Young

(click images for more detail)

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